I’ve Hit the Big Time!

Well, maybe not the big time, but certainly bigger than when I started. It’s been a heady couple of days.

A couple nights ago, I created a little YouTube video to demo my app. It got a couple views. Yesterday morning I posted on it in the apps forums of MacRumors. Again, just a few views. But one of the people who saw it was Arnold Kim, the guy who actually runs MacRumors! So then he posted on it in in the front page of the iPhone section and that got a few thousand views. Of course, only a small portion of those people actually purchased the app but still, it’s been exciting. I spent several hours last night responding to a lot of great comments and emails.

So thank you Arnold, and thank you MacRumors community, and thank you YouTube community! If you bought Mach Dice and enjoy it, please tell your friends about it. I plan to continue blogging about developing applications for the iPhone so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, please do check back occasionally or subscribe to the RSS feed.


7 Responses to “I’ve Hit the Big Time!”

  1. Cameron Says:

    As one of the people who bought it immediately after seeing the YouTube video, I think the only goal needs to be to get people to see it. It’s by far the best dice application and should be an easy sell to anyone who plays RPGs or board games.

  2. Kenneth Says:

    Just curious, do you randomly select the number for the die once it is rolled or does it do a simulation of rolling the die. For example you do a random number generator get the number that is supposed to show up on the die then let it roll to that within the window or do you have the die in 3d and then let them roll and collide and bounce until the number they are going to have is determined by that? Just curious

  3. Chanfan Says:

    I’m looking forward to picking this app up when I get my iPhone or Touch (whichever comes first).

    Your app is being discussed on BoardGameGeek currently as well.

  4. Chris Knight Says:

    Excellent app, thanks! I demoed to my D&D friends/co-workers and they were suitably impressed. I was considering writing such an app, but not knowing OpenGL ES, nor iPhone development, it would have taken me months and I doubt I’d gotten as good a product out, even then.

    Two minor requests:

    give each die a different color (should be able to do that in OpenGL, no?) (I’d like to roll 2d10 to get percentiles, and declare which color is which digit)

    allow resizing of the dice for the “visually impaired”.

    Again, kudos and hoping for some cool updates!

  5. margaret Says:

    The one feature that is missing is the ability to freeze/unfreeze dice over the span of multiple rolls. In other words, I want to be able to roll a certain number of dice, keep a few as-is and reroll the remaining dice.

    Example: I have 6 dice and I’m trying to roll six of a kind. I want to be able to freeze any sixes I might get and reroll the others until all six are sixes.

    If you add this feature, I’ll be glad to buy your app.

  6. FeelingGood Says:

    Outstanding app Mach! Bravo. I am not a D&D gamer or don’t even have immediate need for such an app, but I just bought it anyways to show you my support and appreciation for a perfect example of top quality iPhone app development. Furthermore, considering how expensive those multi-faceted gaming dice are, 99 cents is absurdly cheap. This app is easily worth at least $5.00 and as much as $10.00. In any case, I hope this small jewel makes you a killing.

    Again, bravo and congratulations.


  7. Marvin Says:

    Agreed. This app iss easily worth more!

    I’d have paid $5 without hesitating! And I don’t even play a lot of boardgames. Just for the sheer beauty of it!