Planned Features

Whooh, after spending a couple hours replying to emails and comments for the second night in a row, I think I need to come up with an FAQ or something so I can get back to coding! Well, here’s a start:

  • Updates are free and automatic! So if you’re just waiting on a feature that I’m planning on implementing, you can buy it now and not have to worry about checking back here to see if I’ve implemented it yet. But I certainly welcome people to read this blog if they’re interested. The RSS feed is great for that.
  • Dice locking is the first feature that I’m planning on implementing next (I want to play Yahtzee, too)! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get that done this weekend.
  • Colored dice are definitely coming! I just have to work out an elegant interface for it.

Update: see the full list of planned features on the Apps -> Mach Dice page.

    10 Responses to “Planned Features”

    1. Michael Says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing the updates you make, and plan on buying the program shortly.

      One other feature I’ve really enjoyed with dice rolling programs is a short roll result history with a clear history button. I don’t know how it could be integrated into the UI gracefully, but when running a game it is really valuable to be able to roll 10 checks quickly, then just glance at the results. This feature sped up games a lot.

      Regardless of other features you plan on adding (or don’t plan on adding), the program is already well worth the cost you are charging. Thanks for making the program!

    2. Mach Says:

      Oh yes, that’s definitely in the works. Check out the full list of planned features at the “Apps -> Mach Dice” page.

    3. Alan Says:

      If using MachDice to play a game with the dice, it would be great to have a value per point rolled calculator built in.

      For example if you are playing a game that gives you 5 points per roll and you use 3D6 to roll a 11 than that would be 55 points. User could keep rolling to accumulate totals and recall paper tape record of totals similar to…

      Roll Dice Result Per Point Total
      1 (3d6) 11 5 55
      2 (2d6) 9 3 27

      2 Rolls totaling 20 82

    4. Marvin Says:

      Wow… Beautiful AND functional!

      I’m looking forward to the dice locking. That’s the only addition really needed. (All other additions are very good, too!)

    5. Tom Quinn Says:

      Are other exotic dice types (d14, etc) and binary d1’s planned, too? I love what you’ve released so far, I bought it the second I read about it on Touch Arcade.

    6. Mach Says:

      I’m not sure I’ll be doing anything with points because that makes the interface much much more complicated. As for more exotic dice, I’ll look into them some more once I get all the other features in. Although, you will be able to do binary dice (0,1) using something like “17d2-17” once I get the minus sign in there.

    7. Tom Quinn Says:

      Very true. Thanks for your continued support!

    8. Jim Says:

      Hi. I just bought your app as few minutes ago. When I was deciding which app to buy, I chose yours because the description said that it had dice a locking option available, but I don’t see that in the app. Can you help me please?


    9. Jim Says:

      I made a mistake. It said you were “working” on it. I’m sorry. Do you have a time frame for this yet?

    10. Mach Says:

      I should have dice locking in by this weekend and then I’ll submit it to Apple. I have no idea how long it’ll take to go on the store after that, but possibly a week. The update should notify you automatically, though. So hopefully, it won’t feel long. You can keep watching my website for updates on my progress.