Demo Video Now on YouTube

Hey, after many requests (okay, just one) I created a YouTube video to demo my dice rolling app. So now you can check out the demo before deciding whether or not to buy it on the iTunes store. Enjoy!


8 Responses to “Demo Video Now on YouTube”

  1. Demo Video Now On YouTube | getfreeinsurance Says:

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  2. Apostol Apostolov Says:

    I am buying this app with the last 1 dollar from my 50$ prepaid card and I am extremely happy I saved that dollar because now I finally have one of the best if not outright the best application for rolling dice, ever created. There’s just three feature requests I can come up with, on top of my head, after which I would gladly pay the developer a PayPal donation for creating the best of the best:

    1. Implement subtract, multiply and divide on the dice calculator.
    2. Option to mark the X lowest/highest dice in different color.
    3. The option to give the results on the bottom of the screen as a formua instead of a sum, i.e. “3+4+5” instead of 12. Also, if the X lowest/highest dice were color marked, their respective values should be colormarked as well.
    4. The option to colormark dice depending on their value, Storyteller games count all dice that come up 10 as success, all 9s as partial success etc.

    This will allow D&D players to roll “4d6 exclude the 1 lowest value”, and Storyteller players to roll “10d10, mark all values of 9”, all on the application without requiring jotting things down.

  3. Simon Robbie Says:

    3D effect is awesome! Where can I get the code from to do that Mach?

  4. Keopx Says:

    Wow man, i just watched the demo video and i gotta say it surpassed my expectations… looks really cool and natural… loved the effect of the dice when you inlcine the phone… i’m buying it as soon as i get an iphone (i still don’t have one because the contracts are very expensive where i live, so, i’m still saving some money for it) … i’m glad you made the video because more people will get to see your app and i think many of them will be interested because it is very realistic and i think it’s the first dice rolling app that provides dices with more than 6 sides… so, again, good luck, and thanks for the link on the Objective-C language. Hasta la próxima.

  5. Davidm Says:

    Thank You! This is better than I imagined. As a former gamer, I invented a dart game called D&D – Darts & Dice. Now I have the option of leaving the die at home. First app I will buy when apple fixes the 3G drop issue.

  6. Mach Says:

    Thank you all for your comments! Some comments on the comments:

    * Yup! I’m planning on adding subtraction, but I’ll have to think about the multiply and divide.
    * I’d like to do something to mark the highest and lowest dice but I’m still working on exactly how to best do that.
    * A couple people have requested the results at the bottom… I’ll look into it
    * I’m looking into custom dice like the Storyteller dice, just got to figure out the best interface for it.
    * I’m glad the 3D effect is appreciated! It’s a pretty involved topic so I think I’ll do a post on it some day.
    * Darts and Dice sounds neat. How is it played?

    Thanks again for all the comments! Keep them coming…

  7. Justin Voshell Says:

    The 3D effect on tilting is fantastic. Really brilliant design work happening here.

  8. Little Angel Says:

    Great Job.

    Bought the .app.

    Love the camera.

    My request is purely sentimental:

    Is there a way you could implement 2d20 to display 1d100?

    We’re old sk00l here. I like the full pyramidal d4’s, remembering the days before they cut the tops off and we put our hands in our pockets and shoved the sharp tips under our fingernails!

    Thanks again from someone who bought the original 3-book set.