Temporary Bachelorhood and Tips on How to Look Young

Tracy and Dyson are out of town visiting the in-laws, which means I have seemingly inordinate amounts of free time. So naturally, I had to make this silly video.

I had the idea for this one a while ago, but it’s hard to make videos like this when there’s a kid around the house because it takes me so long to do. Even though the video is only a minute and a half, it took about three hours to put together what with the writing, setting up, rehearsing, filming, and editing.

With the wife and kid out of town, I feel like it’s a rare opportunity to get a bunch of stuff done that would be hard to do otherwise. So I’ve got a bunch of projects planned. On the other hand, I think maybe I ought to just relax and enjoy the rest. So I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get done. After all, that new season of Archer on Netflix isn’t going to watch itself.

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