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March Madness

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

I know almost nothing about sports. But I had this idea for a video where I make a prediction about some sporting event and then a followup video about how my prediction came true. It happened to be towards the end of March Madness (it’s an American college basketball tournament) so I scrambled to make it happen in time.

If you check out the publish date for the first video, you’ll see it actually is from before the final 3 games. And then this next video is after that when the prediction comes true:

So how’d I do it? I just made every single prediction (so 8 videos in total), briefly published them all, unlisted them, and then made them public again after the final. I guess that’s a lot of work for something I don’t think many people will ever notice. But I thought it was a neat idea.

Another idea I had was to make some sort of choose your own adventure type series. So this is kind of a test of that as well. Some facts I discovered about YouTube’s end screens are:

  • They can only start after 20 seconds of your video.
  • They have to be at least 5 seconds long.
  • They can’t start any earlier than 20 seconds from the end of your video.

In other words, they only work on videos that are at least 25 seconds long and for maximum flexibility, should be at least 40 seconds long. I ran into this because my original versions of the “Yes to adventure” and “No to adventure” were actually less than 25 seconds long.