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Cardboard House

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

CardboardHouseKids are crazy about cardboard houses. Dyson’s been asking for one for a while and we finally accumulated enough cardboard. So I asked him what he wanted. He was very specific:

  • A door.
  • Enough room to lie down in.
  • Dark.

I get the desire to have a door and enough space to lie down in, but what’s with the need for darkness? I have no idea. Also, once I made it, he was very clear that Tracy and I could only come in if we were invited. And we had to knock first.

You know what else kids are crazy about? Dress up. Superheroes and fairy princesses. But at the age of 4, kids are not as gender-restrictive as adults. My mother-in-law forbids us from sharing any incriminating photos that might hinder a future Presidential bid but I will say that Dyson is adorable in a wide range of attire.