Big in Japan

Remember a few weeks ago when I was interviewed as part of an article for Weekly Diamond? It’s out now!

The issue provides an in-depth look at the various Disney companies. But I like the Google translate version of the issue’s headline: “Other side” of Disney Large autopsy world’s strongest brands!

There’s a picture of me on the right side and the caption says something like, “M. Kobayashi of the Effects Department. Employees can attend Pixar University courses in art and professional development, even outside their own discipline, to help broaden their knowledge and skill.”

2 Responses to “Big in Japan”

  1. Robert Lee (Aka Mr. Lee) Says:


    This is Mr. Lee from your SPHS Academic Decathlon days. I know that this is a long shot, but…
    My son is a senior in high school and wants to major in art/design/illustration (whatever as long as he can draw/design/make things).
    Last summer he even received a scholarship to take a class at the Laguna College of Art and design He’s always idolized Pixar ,and I’m taking him to San Francisco during his spring break for a father-son week. He knows that Pixar doesn’t give tours, but wanted me to at least ask you if there is any possibility of visiting you at Pixar? If not, can we buy you dinner and talk about your work and your path to Pixar? We’re planing to be up in the Bay area April 1-5.. If this isn’t workable, don’t worry.. Hope you’re doing well.

    Robert Lee

  2. Mach Says:

    Mr Lee! It’s good to hear from you. I’ll email you.