Troubleshooting Network Issues

I was having problems with one of my PCs giving me a “Limited or No Connectivity” error after I switched around some cables to try to get my WiFi to work better. Normally, my wife handles all the computer hardware issues, but since I broke it by switching around some cables, I felt responsible for fixing it.

Fortunately, the first hit on my search turned up a web page that was pretty helpful. In my case, I just had to set my network settings to 10 Mbps and Full duplex.

“But Mach, why write a blog post about all this?” Well this way, if I run into a similar issue again, all I have to do is remember that I blogged about it and search for “troubleshooting”. Brilliant! Right? Of course, if I’m having network issues, I might have problems reading my blog. Hmm, maybe not so brilliant…

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