I am Not Jamie Cunningham

This may be obvious to most of you, but I am not Jamie Cunningham. Sadly, this is not a universally known fact. Let me back up a bit. The other day, some guy decided to fill out a loan application under the name “Jamie Cunningham”, giving out a fake phone number. How do I know this? Because the fake phone number he gave out happened to be my cell phone number.

Ever since, I’ve been getting calls for him from people who want to give him money. You hear that, Jamie Cunningham? People want to give you money, but can’t because you gave them the wrong number. Why would you even fill out a loan application if you didn’t want a loan? What, were they giving out free toasters?

So now I’m subjected to a bunch of calls and text messages all because this guy wanted a free toaster. I hope you enjoy your free toaster, Jamie Cunningham. Also, you owe me a dollar in cell phone text messaging charges.

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