Holi Festival, Part 1

We’re still in Mumbai so we happen to still be in India during Holi, the spring Festival of Colors celebrated throughout India and several other parts of the world with large Indian populations. I was fortunate enough to have one of the guys at the front desk of our hotel offer to show me around for the festival. Here in Mumbai it’s a two day celebration and the first day (held on Sunday this year) was marked by burning of bonfires. The act symbolizes the burning away of all the bad luck from the previous year.

The atmosphere is a little like Halloween where lots of people are hanging out at night and having fun. But instead of trick or treating, neighbors check out the different bonfires and they start “playing” colors. What’s that? It’s where friends will tag each other with different colors of powdered dyes. But the colors don’t really get going until the second day…

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