Best App Ever Award Nomination!

Woohoo! My iPhone app, Mach Dice, was nominated for the 2009 Best App Ever Award in the Best Dice Game category! It’s an award given out by, a website about picking the best 148 apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch (148 = 9 pages of 16 apps each + 4 apps on the static bar). It’s a great honor to be nominated, especially as it’s the only general purpose dice roller app in any category to get a nomination.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, Mach Dice isn’t a dice game, it’s a dice utility.” Perhaps. But what is a dice game except a set of dice and a bunch of rules? And while Mach Dice provides the set of dice, you’re free to choose whatever rules you’d like: Craps, Dice 10,000 (or Zilch), Cee-lo, D&D, Rolemaster, etc. The only limit is your mind. Oooh… So go cast your vote for Mach Dice now!

(Or, hey, if you’re looking for a more conventional dice game with scores and rules and such, check out my other app, Boom Dice, which I’m actually working on right now.)

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