2008 Reflections

This is the traditional time to look back on the previous 365 days or so and reflect on everything. Lots of stuff happened, but I think the biggest things for me were writing “Mach Dice” and starting up this blog. I’ve had lots of hobbies in the past, but this one is notable for a couple reasons. For one, it’s the first one that’s actually turned a slight profit! But more importantly, it’s one that’s given me a chance to interact with thousands of people all around the world. Well, maybe not so much “interact with” as “receive 70 cents from”. But I do get the occasional nice review, positive email, and kind comment on my blog. And that means a lot to me.

It’s funny, my full-time job is to work on a very tiny portion of movies that hopefully millions of people around the world will enjoy. But my hobby is to completely develop iPhone apps that hopefully hundreds (or if I’m lucky, thousands) of people will enjoy. Both of them are very rewarding. But I’ll tell you, getting a positive review for my iPhone app feels a lot more personally significant than getting a positive review on a movie I worked on. =)

In any case, this whole experience is something I totally would not have predicted at the beginning of the year. So, it makes me wonder what surprises the next year will bring. Only time will tell…

4 Responses to “2008 Reflections”

  1. Chris Knight Says:

    And we’re still out here reading your blog, thanks for a great app and some nice posts (yeah, keep those germ-factory kids away from me!) Looking forward to what ’09 will bring.

  2. Paul Snyder Says:

    In computer years I am a really old (almost 60) fan of technology – having lived through many years of gadgets I can honestly say the iPhone is my favorite. There is something really “elegant” about it – and I am happy to see people who want to live up to the iPhone ideal instead of writing unimaginative stuff. I was playing a Pokemon game with a grandchild where she had lost the dice and was rolling a tupperware box with numbers written on it – I was sure there would be an iPhone solution. But looking at the dozen or so options, they all either looked flat or were too cluttered. Your program is really cool in the iPhone sense of cool. Thanks for taking the time to get it right.

  3. Mach Says:

    Thanks for your comments! I’m glad that you liked Mach Dice, although I have to say that it was pretty creative for your granddaughter to use a tupperware box with numbers written on it.

  4. Bakugan Says:

    Hmmmm, nice info there.