Baby Viruses

See the cute little girl to the right? That’s my niece. Sure is a cutie, right? Looks completely harmless, right? But, no, that kid is a walking bio-hazard. One little “ech, ech” from her and Uncle and Auntie are knocked out with a cold for days. Then again, it might just be a big coincidence. Adorable little toddler or mobile super virus factory? I’ll let you decide. But if we ever get invaded by War of the Worlds type aliens, I think she could totally take them all out. Just sayin’…

2 Responses to “Baby Viruses”

  1. IX Says:

    I call my kids plague monkeys. I’m on week three of what ever my oldest daughter brought home from school.

    Get your Pixar people to do a hand washing PSA for schools… I mean seriously. I guess that won’t keep them from coughing and sneezing on one another though.

  2. tomo Says:

    tracy, mach, it was greeeeat to see you guys last night!
    sorry i got carried away chatting chatting and kept you guys awake ;p

    i hope you guys are feeling better today!

    a happy almost new year!!