Theoretically, if the accelerometer is perfectly accurate, you should be able to calculate exactly how far it moves as you move it. It just involves a little “x = x0 + v0*t + .5*t*t” action. (MMmmmm, high school physics … oh yeah.) In practice … it’s not that accurate.

I was hoping to write a little app that did something based on that, but it looks like the accelerometer isn’t quite accurate enough. So I might have to scrap my original idea. But over the weekend, I’m going to try some heuristics to compensate enough for the inaccuracies and give it one more go.

2 Responses to “Accelerometer”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Mach, you lost me at “Theoretically”. But I will definitely look forward to any app you produce. Showed off Mach Dice again today. I keep getting a weird memory message when I rotate through all the backgrounds. Is that supposed to happen?

  2. Anik Says:

    Cool! Are you thinking like “inertial navigation” or more like “measure this table by moving your iPhone from one end to the other”?