Welcome, Touch Arcade readers! And for everyone who wrote a comment or sent me email, thanks for the great feedback! It makes the whole effort worthwhile. (Well, that and the bump in sales.) And a special thanks to those of you who donated a little something extra. You really didn’t have to, but it’s much appreciated. Nothing says, “Hey, I like what you did there!” in quite the same way as cold hard cash… =)

2 Responses to “Thanks!”

  1. Cary Says:

    This rocks, awesome update!

  2. Captain Rufus Says:

    I made great use of the program last week at my Warhammer 40K game. It made Ork close combat a super fast snap to do! I’ve been showing it off to everyone and a couple Ipod Touch/Iphone users now really want the program!

    I can only imagine what you might add next!