Updating Soon!

I’m glad people are enjoying reading the posts about the upcoming features but fear not, I do plan on updating at some point. Believe me, no one wants this update to go out more than I do. Getting sick this past week slowed me down a bit but I’m hoping to get an update submitted over the weekend.

In the meantime, here’s another couple things to whet your appetite. I’ve implemented coins for d2 and I worked on the icons a bit. When you hit the formula bar at the top, task bars (like the one in option C from my “Navigation Bar” post) will show up. When that’s gone, these icons will remain to remind you that you can still hit the corners.

I’m trying to find a balance between giving enough visual information without cluttering up the background. Hopefully, this works a bit better.

5 Responses to “Updating Soon!”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    The coins are awesome. Did you say an update this weekend? Holy crap that rocks.

    I think I prefer the less noticeable buttons on the last post a little more than these. But both are awesome. Great ideas. But the hidden impression buttons felt very organic to me. These feel a little more forced.

    Is it the weekend yet? Thanks for the updates.

  2. njpodder Says:

    yeah these buttons look great. Great idea. It keeps the app looking very polished and also unobtrusive. I really like the 2 sided coin addition. Very awesome. Also thank you for keeping us updated on your work. There aren’t enough developers that interact so much with their audience. And it’s a lot of fun to read your progress updates. Zomg for realz.

  3. NinjaHERO Says:

    Odd question, do you know how long it takes an update to go from your submission to the app store? I ask because I noticed one of my apps states that they submitted their update over a week ago and its not yet on the phone.

    Is it a two week process? Or does Apple not really give you any idea on the time frame? Just curious.

    Thanks as always for the info. Yet another reason Mach Dice is the best.

  4. Derp Says:

    Wow! This update looks super, super, super awesome.

    I’d also like to see some sort of a heads/tails option in the future. Just sayin’.

  5. memesmith Says:

    You grant my wishes! As a dedicated Serenity RPG player, the only thing I though was wrong with your great app was the lack of two sided dice (though I noticed if you set d2 you got query marked d6, but the total did seem to be a random function of two, so I was happy with that). Anyhow I wasn’t so dedicated a Serenity RPG player to bother actually asking you to improve your brilliant app. Obviously someone else did (or you too are a dedicated Serenity RPG player).