Starting to Add Colors

I’m starting to implement an interface for colored dice. The idea is that you’ll hit the “d” button a second time (after selecting a die size) and it’ll switch to something like this where you can select a die color.

3 Responses to “Starting to Add Colors”

  1. aceshelman Says:

    very nice idea, should work just fine as long as I can do something like 1dd(red)+1dd(blue)+1dd(black), if you get what I mean.

  2. aceshelman Says:

    I’m sorry I meant 1d6d(red)+1d6d(blue) etc

  3. Deluxe Says:

    I totally agree with aceshelman (1d6d(red)+1d6d(blue) etc), but once the dices size selected, please make the “d” button display “color” or a logo with colors to show clearly when select color.