Special Thanks

I know I’ve only barely started with this whole iPhone thing, but I wanted to take the time to thank three friends without whom I wouldn’t be doing this now:

  • Bena, who gave me a really great deal on her old MacBook Pro. This is the first Mac I’ve owned and without it, iPhone app development would have been pretty tricky.
  • Josh Qualtieri, who gave me his old iPhone when he upgraded to the new 3G. Yeah, I know … pretty sweet, eh? In return, he just wants me to develop a good game for his phone. I guess that’ll be the next project.
  • Josh Anon, who helped me with general iPhone development stuff. He’s much more experienced in writing for the Mac OS (in that he actually has experience). Check out his FlipBook application.

I’d also like to thank my brother Paul who lent me his Power PC MacBook. It was good starting with that, but unfortunately the dev kit doesn’t work so great with PPC machines. I’m also indebted to my friends Matt Webb and Mike Fu who have provided moral support for general iPhone stuff. And of course, I’d like to thank my wife, Tracy, who provides constant support and critical analysis like, “Those graphics suck!”. No, just kidding. She never says stuff like that! She just thinks it. But that’s okay, it keeps me humble.

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