I had Thanksgiving Dinner with a group of friends and I made a couple simple dishes. One was mashed potatoes. The other was canned cranberry sauce. Okay, I didn’t really make that last one, but it’s a perennial favorite of mine. But I also tried making sujeonggwa, a traditional Korean dessert drink. I’ve had it before at a Korean bbq restaurant and it’s really good there. I found a recipe from, drew a visual version of it (so it’d be easier to remember and harder to mess up), and tried making it. It turned out a little on the strong side but it was fun to make and still pretty good.

Also, I’ve finished Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 of Jumpgate Blues. The NaNoWriMo deadline is Monday (!) so I’m going to try to finish this over the weekend. Only 11,219 words to go! Will Tarseron get blowed up? Will the crew of the Medusa survive? Oh, the suspense…

2 Responses to “Sujeonggwa”

  1. Chris K. Says:

    Regarding recipes and organization, one book that has always been my touchstone for organization is “Thai Cooking Made Easy” by Sukhum Kittivech. It’s easy to find, you’ve probably seen it at the local Asian market or book store.

    What makes it unique is that the book organizes groups of ingredients (a-la Alton Brown’s “dry team” and “wet team” techniques for baked goodies) and numbers that grouping. The number is referenced in the step-by-step.

    The typography and organization is very nice too. Alas, other books by the publisher lack this clarity.

    And I suspect just about all Korean drinks will get your creative juices going…(I live in Santa Clara, probably the largest Korean-American communities in the SF Bay Area.)

  2. Mach Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out!