Weekend Writer

Man, writing is hard! I had to go into work on Saturday and something came up on Sunday so I didn’t write as much as I was planning. But I managed to get Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of Jumpgate Blues written over the weekend. I learned that it’s important to have at least a little bit of an idea of what you’re thinking about writing. Sometimes it’s like a bright beacon of light that guides you towards a certain destination. For me, it mostly feels like a tiny candle that I’m holding in front of my feet to make sure that I don’t walk off any cliffs.

My biggest fear so far? That I’m really only a couple pages away from writing, “and that’s when they made it back home, safe and sound. The End.” I mean, what if I run out of stuff to write about before my 50,000 and the end of the month? Well, I guess writing posts on this blog for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday has given me some practice against that.

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