Mystery Update

So, I check my sales stats daily to keep track of how my apps are doing. (Mach Dice tends to get about a dozen or two sales a day and Holograms gets less than half that. Boom Dice might get a couple sales in a week.) In addition to sales numbers, I occasionally see that people update to the latest version of Mach Dice. But last week, according to the stats, it looks like someone updated their version of Holograms, which is odd because I’ve only ever published one version of that app. Spooooky…

5 Responses to “Mystery Update”

  1. Takenso Says:

    It’s possibe that the updated (did you see itunnesconnect?) is by a promo code or someone that purchase, delete and download again the app.

  2. Josh Says:

    I believe you’ll see this when people download, delete and then re-download.

  3. Mach Says:

    I think it might be people deleting and re-downloading, then. The promo codes show up as sale with no revenue.

  4. Yemo Says:

    I deleted it and downloaded it again to have the original examples back. Holograms is a great app and if more people knew about it it would be downloaded much more. While im writing here. Is there any way to draw the depth in a more precise way by zooming in the picture? Also wouldnt it be nice to draw area’s with splines?

  5. Mach Says:

    I’ve been thinking about how to make depth drawing more precise. I might do something like pinch zooming. But the other thing is that the grid itself isn’t all that precise as it’s just 20 x 30 polygons or so in order to maintain interactive speeds.