Happy Birthday Mom!

(Actually, Mom’s birthday was Saturday, but this is my first post since then. Since it was her birthday and I know she reads this, I’m dedicating this post to her.)

According to the Chinese astrological calendar (which the Japanese also use), my mom was born in the Year of the Monkey. As it happens, she’s just like a monkey in that she’s very inquisitive and smart. She went off to college in a completely new city away from her home town and then she traveled to America where she met and married my dad. These days, she’s still learning new things like how to drive and how to use the computer. She’s an inspiration to my brother and me to keep trying new things. (Like, creating apps for the iPhone!)

I drew the above card for her birthday. It’s supposed to be a bunch of snow monkeys relaxing around in a hot spring. For reference, I used some friends’ photographs taken in Nagoya, Japan where snow monkeys really do lounge around in natural hot springs. Man, that would be a sweet life.

Happy birthday, Mom!

One Response to “Happy Birthday Mom!”

  1. Sean Berry Says:

    Makaks are great, they’re one of the few monkeys who can appreciate a nice Jacuzzi. On a completely unrelated note: TONY? DEXTER?? I guess I can’t judge, I used to be called Susan, and before that, Froofie.