As you might have guessed from my last name (Kobayashi), I’m Japanese. More specifically, I was born and raised in the US, but my ancestors were from Japan. Even more specifically, my mom’s from Osaka, Japan where I spent a few summers as a kid.

I used to wonder if it had much effect on me to have spent so much time in Osaka and then I see something like this:

and it makes me think: yeah, I think it did…

7 Responses to “Osaka”

  1. Deluxe Says:

    What fuuny people !
    If everybody was like that in Osaka, I’d love to live there (among my fellow lifeproof clowns)…

    Ps : Is it correct ? My english’s so bad. I think this is at best passable globish.

  2. Paul Robinson Says:

    Hehe – I love watching Japanese television (and I don’t understand Japanese)! There is nothing else like it anywhere.

  3. Mach Says:

    Hey Deluxe, your English is fine! But what’s a “lifeproof clown”?

    As for Japanese television… yeah, it’s pretty awesome but strange. Comedian Donald Glover has a funny explanation for it at the end of this routine:

  4. Si Brindley Says:

    This has totally changed my (baseless) impression of Japanese people.

  5. NinjaHERO Says:

    That’s awesome.

  6. Deluxe Says:

    To me a “lifeproof clown” is the opposite of the typical guy you see in the street: he looks like a zombie because his life is boring, so he is unhappy, and so on.

    A lifeproof clown is a real half-full glass guy… (quite) whatever happens, he’s in good mood and you can see it.
    He broke his car with no injury for no one? That was just a pack of iron. No need to worry/grumble.
    He met a pure beauty in the street? his day will be delightful.

    Wookie !

  7. Deluxe Says:

    Oh and due to the fact that he doesn’t take himself seriously, you can see him do anything weird to amuse himself and his entourage. Here you go for the “clown”.