Hey! Remember Betamax? Neither do I. But I do remember Laserdiscs. A lot of people are getting rid of their laserdisc collections because DVDs and Bluray have rendered them obsolete. Also, everyone’s laserdisc players have broken down. But not ours! So we’ve been collecting free laserdiscs from various people who no longer want them.

We’ve ended up with some classics like Pink Floyd The Wall, My Favorite Year, and Midnight Cowboy but also some laserdiscs of … dubious quality like Roddy Piper in Marked Man and Leprechaun 2 (“This time, luck has nothing to do with it!”).

Oh yeah…

(In other news, iPhone app #2 is coming along. I’ve roughed out most of the basic functionality. Now I’ve got to implement file I/O so that the app remembers what you did between sessions.)

3 Responses to “Laserdiscs”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Betamax was awesome. Superior product, flawed business model. It was still used in the television industry years after it left the consumer market. I am sad to say my mother still has a Betamax player. They run forever.

    Good luck with your laser disc collecting.

  2. Mach Says:

    Wow, I didn’t think people actually owned Betamax players anymore. The laserdiscs are pretty good, but I can see why they died out when DVDs came. They’re bulky and there’s no menu feature. Another problem is the audio. It seems like a good portion of our laserdiscs play with a staticky hiss. But that might be our player or our ancient TV.

  3. Harry Says:

    My Laserdisc player still works too. A distinct feature of laserdiscs was having two discs for one movie since 1 disc usually can’t contain a whole movie. So just when the movie is getting good and someone’s about to die.. “Please insert disc 2” . LOL. that was great.
    Laserdiscs are pretty old but the discs themselves dont look old at all. If they were shown to any kid today, theyd probably say “WOW… whered you get the HUGE DVD?? Is that super hi-def??” lol.
    Makes me think about the decrease in size of everything else in the future..