500 Million

Apparently, there have been over 500 million app downloads and about 20,000 apps on the iTunes store. According to apptism.com, the breakdown is something like 4,832 free apps and 15,764 paid apps. But the real question is how many downloads does the average app get?

Well, let’s speculate that the average free app get downloaded 10 times as much as the average paid app. (Hey, at least it sounds plausible, right?) If that’s true, then with a little algebra (10 * x * 4,832 + x * 15,764 = 500,000,000), we can extrapolate about 7,800 downloads for the average paid app and 78,000 downloads for the average free app. Pretty cool…

I’ve written little programs and games on other platforms but it’s never been like this until now. And that’s the greatest thing about developing for the iPhone / iPod — it gives small developers and hobbyists like me a chance to reach a bigger audience than ever before.

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