Band Werx

At work, I’m what is known as a TD (technical director). What is a technical director? Well, imagine a great artist drawing something with a mechanical pencil. And in this mechanical pencil, there’s a complicated mechanism involving buttons, levers, and rubber stoppers that the artist uses to advance the lead. But once the lead has been advanced, a spring pushes it all back into place so that the artist can continue drawing. Technical directors are like the spring.

Anyways, a number of the technical directors at work are musically inclined and I kept on hearing things like, “We should form a band!” or “A TD band would be awesome!” or “Mach, why isn’t there a TD band?” (I’m not sure why I’m addressed in comments like these, but it happens.) So I decided to form a band. The only catch? I don’t actually play anything. I mean, I once sang in the California All State Honor Choir and I’m a classically trained pianist (believe you me, I can rock the heck out of the first page and a half of the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata). But nothing really “Rock” applicable.

Still, what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm. And somehow, I managed to get a number of very talented TDs to come together to rock out. (Actually, I didn’t do much, I just got the ball rolling.) This past Friday was the band’s debut performance. Enjoy!

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