Voice Werx

I'm the voice of the car on the right, Kabuto.

That's me on the right as Drift Boss King, Kabuto.

Go see Bolt, now with the new short from Pixar, Tokyo Mater!

A while ago, some of my friends at work started working on a short film based on Cars that was to be set in Tokyo. They asked me if I could help out because I speak Japanese and I said, “Sure!”. Originally, I was just going to be the temporary scratch voice for one character that would be replaced later by a real actor. But they liked what I did well enough that they kept it in the final short.

I based the voice I used on jidaigeki shows I used to watch on TV as a kid (like Kage no Gundan and Abarenbo Shogun, which had the same exact plot for every episode). So if you want to hear what I sound like doing a melodramatic Japanese tough guy voice, Tokyo Mater is now in theaters playing in front of Bolt. So go see Bolt! It’s a very cute film that’ll leave you smiling, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for cats or dogs.

(The image up top is actually from a TV commercial for Tokyo Mater. I didn’t even know my character was in the commercial so it was quite a surprise to hear myself coming from the TV that I had on in the background.)

4 Responses to “Voice Werx”

  1. Pay a bluish oak Says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. Danimal Says:

    Well, guess I’ll have to see Bolt again. Congrats on your voice acting debut. Considering your considerable talents in acting that you’ve shared with Pixar folks over the years I’m not surprised at all.

  3. NinjaHERO Says:

    Congrats Mach. That’s awesome.

  4. Austin Says:

    Dude, I still can’t believe that’s your voice. So awesome!