whether I should translate into German and linking back

Spam is insidious. But it’s fascinating from an evolutionary standpoint. It started with simple “Buy my product” emails. Then it quickly focused into topics like sex and money that more people were more likely to respond to. More recently, it’s gone from just email to include things like comments on blogs. Usually, they’re pretty much the same as the email spam, but I started getting comments on my blog like this:

Hello webmaster I like your post “Progress” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Greetings Engel

Sounds sincere enough, right? Also, kinda flattering. But WordPress allows people to list their own URL when they make comments (which is generally a good thing). This lets readers and other commenters know who each other are. But spammers use it just to get people to click on their sites. A quick google search of “whether I should translate into German and linking back” returned about 196,000 hits. So as elated as I was that Engel enjoyed my blog post, I was a little let down to find that there were 195,999 other posts that he enjoyed just as much.

Fortunately, Akismet detected the spam and automatically blocked it. I only found out because I was curious about what the recent spam had been. Yay, Akismet!

3 Responses to “whether I should translate into German and linking back”

  1. Bence Dobos Says:

    I got exactly the same, just he enjoyed my post titled “Gluglu”.

    I’m wondering how far advertiser could go. This is obviously a generated text to advertise a homepage or maybe to power up its Google Rank? If you get some suspicious comments like this then just google for it, you should get a ton of as results.

  2. Mach Says:

    Yeah, as of today, there are 1.92 million hits on the phrase “whether I should translate into German and linking back” and oddly enough, this page is at the top of the results. So if other people get hit with this like I do and then do a search for that phrase, then they might come to my site. And maybe a portion of those people will take a look at my “Mach Dice” app for the iPhone and buy it. So perhaps some good will come of it.

    When life gives you spam, make spam musubi…

  3. Bence Dobos Says:

    As I did 🙂 I searched for it too, and your site was the first.