Life of a Floof

Back in April of 2022, I participated in Ludum Dare 50, a game jam where you try to make a game in 48 hours. This year’s theme was “Delay the Inevitable” and I made Life of a Floof, a very simple game where you encounter an alien creature that is inevitably going to die. But you try to delay that by clicking flashing buttons every once in a while. You can play it on the web.

As usual, I used Unity again to make the game and created the music in Garage Band in the last hour or so.

It wasn’t really much of a game, it was more of a mood experience. So my overall ranking was 516th out of 805 Compo participants, not even in the top half. But my ranking in the “Mood” category was 151st, so in the top 20%, so I was pleased about that.

My goal was to try to create a meditative experience. In real life, all things inevitably end and I’ve found that it helps to be present in the moment. So the game starts off with you trying to frantically press the button to keep the Floof alive. But as the stages progress, it guides you instead to slow things down and focus on your breathing. My hope was that people would get to the final stage and just enjoy the music for a little while.

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