Mach vs. Pyramid of Cans

So … my friend at work had a drinking problem, by which I mean he would drink those awful, slightly flavored soda waters day in and day out. But he wouldn’t throw away the cans, he’d just pile them up on his desk. So then we had the bright idea to stack them up into a pyramid on an unused desk in the office, which was great.

But then someone needed that desk.

So we were faced with a dilemma of how to dispose of them and I came up with the bright idea of kicking them down with vague thoughts of trying to do a backwards roundhouse kick that I had once learned in high school. Then people decided to film it, and then I decided I wanted to have some fun with the footage.

I grew up on cheesy 80s action movies so I wanted to try to recreate that. I cut them together, added a little effects, created a silly music track in Garage Band, et voila: a cinematic masterpiece. The most time consuming part was creating the little face that shows up on the pyramid 7 and a half minutes in. Dyson thought it would be funny. He also liked the repeating kicks. I was hoping I could get him to try doing a roundhouse kick but he wasn’t having any of that.

Also, he thought a front kick would have been better. Everybody’s a critic.

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