Kitten Quest

WorkInProgressI made a children’s book! For an audience of one, that is.

Dyson wanted a kitten for his birthday but I’m all, like, noooo, kittens are so much work. But then I thought, hey, maybe the kid could do it. And then I remembered that Tracy bought these blank books for Dyson to write stories in and I had this idea of writing a story about a knight who goes on a quest to prove he’s responsible enough to take care of a cat, complete with checklists for some chores he has to do, first.

So … a few days of penciling, inking, and coloring later, I had a children’s book. Some notes:

  • I didn’t want the ink bleeding through the inside pages, so I used a ball point pen.
  • Watercolor based pencils are lots of fun. Mostly I just used them like pencils but I also used a brush dipped in water in a few places.
  • 8 pages takes a long time to fill up.

One Response to “Kitten Quest”

  1. Carol Says:

    OMG–This is ADORABLE!!!! 🙂 The pictures need to be bigger, though, so I can read them. 🙂
    LOVE this!