Ginger for Motion Sickness

Gari_gingerDuring the week, I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day on a bus and I used to feel pretty queasy by the end of it. I tried a few different things like making sure I don’t have an empty or full stomach, sitting on the bottom deck, looking out the window, etc. But the most effective thing for me was ginger.

There are probably a bunch of different ways to use it but I just opted for buying a big jar of the pickled version that they usually have with sushi. Somehow, the tangy sharpness of it really settles my stomach. I suck on on a piece or two for a while and then just bite down on it when I start to feel a bit queasy and that usually takes care of it.

So if you’re prone to motion sickness like I am (apparently, motion sickness is more common among Asians), give it a try!

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