Yes, He’s My Son

MeAndDysonRockBandI recently saw a great article by a woman who found herself constantly asked, “Is that your baby?” As another parent of a biracial kid, it’s also something I’ve heard a lot. And I felt a lot of the same frustrations that she did. But one thing that’s different is that there’s no underlying connotation that I might be the nanny, since nannies don’t tend to be male.

It got me thinking about context, though. The same thing can be said to two different people, but it might have a much different impact based on their past experiences. I recently saw an article about the stigma about dating asian men (especially if they’re short) that really hit home because I certainly have a lot of insecurities related to that.

I wondered, though, how much of it is just based on how I interpret things? I try to judge each interaction on its own merits but I’ve got to say, it’s hard to ignore a lifetime of patterns.

3 Responses to “Yes, He’s My Son”

  1. Jim Atkinson Says:

    My wife overheard a funny conversation in Costco a while ago.

    A light haired white man was carrying a baby in one of those strap-on baby carriers. The baby was black haired, dark eyed, and clearly Asian. A well-meaning woman said, “Oooh, what a cute baby. He must look like your wife.”

    The man responded somewhat shortly, “No. He doesn’t. And I’m beginning to wonder about that.”

    I wonder how many times he heard that comment before he started replying like that.

  2. susan f Says:

    Jim, that’s a riot. Good comebacks are key sometimes!

  3. Mach Says:

    Hah, funny. On a related note, that’s why I don’t make jokes or puns related to people’s names. I figure no matter how clever I think I might be, they’ve heard it before.