How I Met J.J. Abrams

In college (back when my name was “Dexter”) I met a guy named Javier Grillo-Marxuach because we both worked for the school newspaper.

Javi left an impression on me because he’s a really funny writer and also, he has a kick-ass name. Years later, I happened to spot his name in the credits for “Lost”.

Flash-forward to today, I got to attend a talk with J.J. Abrams and during the Q&A, I joked that I knew a guy who he knows so could I hang out with him some time? And this picture is the result.

For the record, J.J. Abrams is a really cool guy and if he ever happens to read this: I forgot to say thanks for creating Under Covers! It was really refreshing to see a major TV series that starred people of color. I hope to see more of that some day.

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