Kitchen Remodel

We got our kitchen remodeled a while back by The Wright Construction Company, based in Berkeley. It turned out great, but it took a while get a decent picture because we’ve got a kid so it’s usually a mess.

Anyways, we were very happy with how well it turned out. It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the biggest difference is that they completely took out a couple walls and the unused chimney behind it to create a much bigger corner work area. They also did a bunch of other stuff:

  • added recessed lighting
  • assembled and installed cabinets
  • cut, sanded, finished, and installed new butcher block countertops
  • installed a stove
  • installed a refrigerator
  • installed a dishwasher
  • painted the walls and ceilings

They also played with Dyson a lot so now he’s totally obsessed with tools.

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