Stream of Consciousness

So, Tracy’s best friend from high school has been visiting us over the weekend and she has a blog, like I do. But her blog posts are like really, really long and she says it hardly takes her any time to write the posts because she just types whatever she’s thinking; unlike my posts, which take me forever because I’m constantly editing what I write and I spend a lot of time worrying if anyone’s going to find it even remotely interesting…

But today was a pretty brutal day, work-wise and I’m feeling pretty beat now so I figured I’d give this stream of consciousness thing a shot.

Well, I don’t really want to talk about work.

So I was talking to — Ach, dammit, I can’t write about that…

Okay, for real, this time. I’m just going to write the first thing that comes into my head … My nose is itchy … what is that? … Oh geez, I just realized that it’s one of my nose hairs that’s gotten so long that it’s scratching the other side of my nostril. I’m getting old. Wow, I suck at this stream of consciousness stuff. Back to regular blogging on Friday.

2 Responses to “Stream of Consciousness”

  1. harr Says:

    haha. face it mach, you can’t talk about what you do when the sun goes up..
    besides.. you’re not supposed to be saving the world anymore..
    *cue incredibles music!*

  2. Mach Says:

    So true, so true… =)