Rollin’ 3, Take 2

Rollin’ 3 – 48 Hour Film Project from Mach Kobayashi on Vimeo.

I already did a post on this a couple years ago, but the video was pulled from YouTube so I just put it up on Vimeo.

Back in 2008, a few friends and I participated in a 48-hour film festival where we had to make a movie in two days using the given list of “ingredients” (a plunger, a line of dialog repeated 3 times, and a case of mistaken identity). Our idea was to create a fake trailer for a fictional movie “Rollin’ 3”, the epic third movie in a series about the dramatic world of roller boogie. I was the Assistant Director. I also played “Johnny The Human Dynamo” and drew the “Skate!” tattoo of a giant roller skating skull on one of the actors’ back using a sharpie. That was fun. Possibly toxic, though…

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