Dwarf Fortress

Occasionally, I write about fun games that I’ve been playing and encourage you guys to try them out. In that vein, I’ve been playing a bit of Dwarf Fortress lately, but I don’t know if I’d exactly call it a fun game.

Instead, I’ll say it’s a very, very involved game. Basically, you control a bunch of dwarves and try to make a productive fortress. Sounds simple, right? But the game is deep and super complex. How complex? There’s an entire wiki site devoted to it. And some guy made a 40-part video tutorial series. It has the steepest learning curve I’ve ever seen in a game.

And yet … there’s just something charming about it. The game is so incredibly detailed that you really start to feel something for the little dwarves. Some friends and I are using Dropbox to play a shared game of Dwarf Fortress and we’ve been having a great time with it.

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