RSS Notifications for Twitter Replies

I’ve been using Twitter now for a couple years and built up a modest following of 138 followers which is about 130 more people than I would have expected. I mean, it’s not like I’m talking about the making of Toy Story 3 or something, which I could see as being of interest to a more general audience. No, I just post random things that are amusing to me and hopefully a few friends.

So anyways, as a somewhat infrequent user, I don’t check Twitter that often. And on the rare occasions that someone replies to one of my tweets, I’ll often miss it. This wouldn’t be a problem if Twitter had email notifications for replies, but strangely it doesn’t. Oh sure, there are ways around that, but they seem to involve giving your password information, or setting up a Yahoo account, or using a defunct API, etc.

Fortunately, it’s easy to set up an RSS notification for your replies:

  • go to Twitter
  • do a search like “@machwerx”
  • click on the “RSS feed” link at the bottom on the right
  • add that URL to your RSS reader

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