Boom Dice 2.0

Hey, did you buy my iPhone game Boom Dice a while back? Guess what! I finally finished the update. I know, I know, it took a while. But things have been busy at work, we were in India for a few months, we had a baby, the whole iPad thing… But through it all, I’ve been working a little bit here and a little bit there on version 2.0 for Boom Dice. (Also, I wanted to wait until I actually got an iPad to make sure it worked on it.)

So what’s in the new update? Well, a picture is a worth a thousand words so a video composed of lots of pictures and sound must be worth … a bunch more? Anyways, check it out and buy it on iTunes!

2 Responses to “Boom Dice 2.0”

  1. jovoc Says:

    hey the new dice are really fun.

    it took me a bit before I realized that you could re-roll if you grabbed all your dice. I thought there was a bug and the computer kept taking extra turns. But as soon as I got that, the game started making sense. Really a fun push-your-luck kind of game.

  2. Mach Says:

    Thanks! Yeah, re-rolling once you’ve grabbed five dice is a big part of the strategy. I’m still not sure what the optimal dice mix is, but I like gold, gold, silver, silver, copper and I’ll try to keep the copper until the end.