Goodbye India

We’ve been in India for nearly five weeks and it’s finally time for us to head back! It’s been an interesting trip but also exhausting and we’re very much looking forward to being back home. I think the biggest benefit to travel is that it can make you aware of things back home that you might take for granted. For example: in the United States, cars actually drive inside the lane markers and mostly in the direction of traffic. Crazy, hunh? If I had never traveled to India, I might not have realized that those things were optional. Also, I learned that it’s possible for an entire family of four to ride on a single motorcycle. But somehow, I don’t think Tracy’s going to let me try that one…

What I’m going to miss the most about Mumbai is the food and the warmth of the Indian spring sun. What I’m looking forward to the most at home is the ability to easily communicate with the people around me. Oh, and high speed wifi.

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