Who Wants $100?

… of advertising on Google AdWords, that is.

I got an offer from Google to get $100 worth of free advertising if I start up a new account with their ad words. But I’ve already got an account and to be honest, I couldn’t really use it because they don’t allow you to use words like “iPhone” in your ad, which makes it pretty useless for me.

So hey, if you’d like the $100 coupon code, comment on my blog about what you’d use it for. I’ll pick someone over the weekend to get it. It might not work because it might be tied to me or you might need to have a Google Analytics account or something. But hey, it’s free. (Although, you do have to put $10 on your credit card to start the account.)

3 Responses to “Who Wants $100?”

  1. Mach Says:

    Seriously? No one wanted the free $100 coupon? Maybe Google’s just really proactive and already has the offer out to everyone who could use it. Well, it’s still available so if anyone wants it, just let me know. But you’ve only got til the end of March, 2010 because that’s when it expires.

  2. Birju Shukla Says:

    I want to promote my mortgage website. Pls mail me the google adword coupon at birjushukla@rediffmail.com

  3. Mach Says:

    It’s yours. Congrats! If it works out, please check out my iPhone apps or tell your friends with iPhones about them…. =)