Impending Parenthood

Now that fatherhood is just about to happen, I find myself looking at life completely differently. Like, last night was the last figure drawing session that I went to before I’m a dad. Monday was the last meeting with my team at work that I’ll have before I’m a dad. Last Thursday was probably the last burrito that I’ll have before I’m a dad… Okay, now it’s just getting silly.

But it does make me wonder when I’ll ever have time to do some of these kinds of things again. I keep on hearing all these horror stories about how new parents’ entire existences are devoted to serving the new food-to-poop converter that has entered into their lives. Then my friends with kids assure me that this phase of parenthood is only temporary … it just feels like forever.

5 Responses to “Impending Parenthood”

  1. Furuta Says:

    The first few weeks are truly a shock to the system. Are you going to bring the baby back right after it is born or wait until she is about six weeks or so. The infant digestive system isn’t really all that well developed so the baby could keep you up because she doesn’t feel 100%.

    You eventually get used to the smell of baby poop after the first week or so but frankly, it is pretty nasty

  2. Wonka286 Says:

    You will be a great Dad, just enjoy all the moments with your kid. They pass by really fast and don’t worry about the little stuff. You have about two years before you have password protect your stuff and lock up your things before you get drool and teeth marks on everything. =)

  3. mg Says:

    Congrats. I was thinking about the surrogate thing, but my wife thinks it’s way bizarre. Adoption seems like the better thing to do. If you consider having another kid, think about adoption.

  4. Mach Says:

    We thought about adoption, but this worked out better for us. It’s a personal decision and everyone needs to weigh all the issues for themselves.

  5. Holly's Mom Says:

    Two years before having to lock things up to keep drool off of it, I had about 6 months before book pages were being torn and pulled off the shelves, by 10 months it was a baby proofing arms race, and I am afraid to say, at not yet two Holly has won the war, I can’t baby proof any more, and she pulls things off the table now that she is so tall, I remembered when she could walk under it, and now she can see over it, and she climbs onto chairs and counters and bookshelves and tables, and she is not yet two….

    She also uses my iPhone more then me (she is even a fan of Mach Dice since Daddy doesn’t have any toddler games or video’s on his phone, she plays with it instead), makes calls, initiates chats and responds to emails inadvertently, and oh, who am I, my identity has been totally lost, I am Holly’s Mom! that’s who I am.

    Which friends told you that it only seems like’ forever before you get a moment to yourself and have your life back? have I mentioned it has been 23 months and 13 days since the last time I knitted, and never mind even thinking of going back to ceramics, maybe when she is three or four we can do a mommy and me ceramics class together, let me know at what age this so called free time starts again, please also note the time of this post 4:00 AM the only time of day I get a few hours to myself, assuming she isn’t sick, or fussing, or waking up in the middle of the night which she still does on occasion.

    But then again I have a sensory seeking, movement motivated super active temperament kid, maybe yours will be more laid back, enjoy these moments where all they do is lie there and look up at you and drool and coo and blink and smile, they go by fast and before you can blink you are chasing them through the park so they don’t get smacked in the head by the swing they so desperately want to ride on but another kid is having a turn with.

    But I digress, you are in the thick of it now, so I hope I haven’t scared you, all the above, and this is still the best thing that ever happened to me, and as exhausted as I am every day, I smile and laugh in awe more times then I can count in an hour, and I wouldn’t change her for the world.