iPad Reaction

When I first started thinking about the iPad (as it’s now known to be called, despite earlier speculation), I had no idea what people would do with one. But now that it’s been officially announced and more details have come out, I have a better idea.

The most significant feature is that it’s only $499. At that price, it’s not much more than a Kindle but it can also do color, browse the web, run apps, and play movies. Granted, the Kindle is a better platform for just pure reading of text with its higher DPI and passive e-ink. But if I were heading off to college and had the choice of a Kindle or an iPad to take with me, that’d be a no-brainer. In fact, an iPad can even replace a notebook in a lot of cases.

Another important feature is that it runs iPhone apps. Now, you might think that iPhone apps won’t look great just running twice the size and you’d be right. But it’s a start. Right from the start, iPads are going to have a huge library of apps to choose from. One of the things plaguing Apple computers is the lack of software but that situation has reversed for the iPhone when compared to its smart phone competitors. And while the iPad still won’t have as much software available for it as most Windows netbooks, it certainly has more than comparable e-book readers.

But as a developer, the most exciting feature is that it’s a device the size of a piece of paper that multiple people can interact with. Sure, two people can touch an iPhone at once, but it gets awfully crowded in there with two fingers. But the iPad? It’s like the Wii. It’s the first consumer device that multiple people can touch and play with like that. There are going to be games on there that you just can’t do on any other device. Can you imagine all the possibilities? I can’t. But I’m excited to find out…

2 Responses to “iPad Reaction”

  1. Joel Davis Says:

    I know, right? And with all the Renier Knizia games on the app store already, and stuff like ButtonMen, Catan (sadly no internet play)… forget about just carrying all my ebooks around, I can carry my whole freaking board game collection around.

    I’ve been playing WordsWithFriends a bunch and I can only imagine having Race for the Galaxy or Amun Re or Tigris & Euphrat or Settlers or something like that, done on the iPad in a similar, server-based format.. it would be brilliant. It might take a week to finish a game, but that’s a week of just taking 2-3 minutes here or there to take a turn, instead of having to find two consecutive hours to play.

  2. Mach Says:

    Yeah, I think a lot of my excitement with the iPad has more to do with me being a board gamer than a developer. One of the other things I’m looking forward to is a multi-iPad game where everyone’s sitting at the same table and somehow using the iPads to create one giant canvas. I’m not exactly sure how that’d work, but it seems like there’s some potential there.