The New Apple Tablet Will Be Called…

My friend, Webb, has an interesting theory:

Ok, so I’ll indulge in a bit of reading the tea leaves on the eve of Apple’s tablet announcement: the rumored apple tablet will be called the ‘iBook‘.

  • Jobs is reportedly quoted as saying, “This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done.”  I’d rank re-inventing the book as a far grander undertaking than re-inventing the phone.
  • The iBooks were re-named MacBooks back in 2006.  ‘Mac’ is associated with computers (Mac Pro, MacBook) and ‘i’ is assciated with devices (iPod, iPhone, and now iBook).  Granted, ‘iMac’ does not fit into the devices classification.
  • Fits with all the rumors of the return of publishing.   “Apple has just re-invented the book.  Meet the iBook.”  Cue the demo of full screen NYT app followed by National Geographic then a stack of textbooks.
  • Finally, I like ‘iBook’ far more than ‘iPad’ or ‘iSlate’ (the current front runners for the name).  it just rolls off the tongue and is simple and evocative of the product.

“But books don’t show video,” you argue.  They do now.

I like the name “iBook” as well. I would note that Apple actually had a product called the iBook back in 1999. On the one hand, it means that the name is not new. But on the other, it means that Apple already owns the name and it really fits well this time.

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