Blogging into the Fuuuuture!

Greetings 2010!

I recently discovered a neat WordPress feature: delayed publishing. This means I can write a post, hit a button, but have it actually publish much later. I’m sure a lot of bloggers use this to keep to a regular schedule more easily by, say, writing a bunch of posts at once and then having them automatically publish throughout the week. Or to write the post the night before and set it up so you don’t have to publish it in the morning. I’m sure I’ll use it for stuff like that.

Buuuuut (and this is gonna … blow … your … mind) I’m writing this from January 6, 2009! I’m using it to publish into the fuuuuture! Okay, sure, technically any instance of delayed publishing is publishing into the future. But this is like a year into the future!

I feel sort of like a time traveller. What’s it like in the year 2010? Do I still have a job? That was a bit of a concern in 2009 with the economy in a recession and all. Today, Obama has been elected but hasn’t taken office yet. Hope that turned out well.

On a more local note, have I managed to write any more iPhone apps? I hope I did and that they’re doing decently. I mean, I’ll always have a soft spot for Mach Dice, but I hope I’m more than a one-trick pony. Do people still buy that thing? Am I still blogging? Did I run out of things to talk about? Have I started drawing comics again? Am I still more or less adhering to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule? Do people even read this blog? Something like a couple dozen people a day read it now.

Ooh, I just thought of something. What if I’m dead? What if I died, like, months ago and no one knew about this blog post from the past but friends still occasionally checked out the site. It’d be like I was blogging from beyond the grave. Spoooky…

In any case, if I’m not dead, it’d be neat to write about how much has changed in the last year or so. So, hey, future me! Make the next blog post about what all has happened in the past year. Oh wait, maybe I already did that in a yearly “here’s what happened this past year” kind of post. In which case, ignore what I just said.

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  2. Mach Says:

    Heh, funny. I really did write this post a year ago and set it to post today. I almost forgot about it and actually wrote another blog post but I’ll delay that one until Monday.