iPhone App Promotional Codes and Safari

If you write iPhone apps, you can download Promotional Codes to help promote your app. You only get 50 of them, but they’re very handy in promoting your app. You’d be surprised how fast they go. Reviewers want free promotional codes, various websites want free promotional codes, cheap-ass frugal friends want free codes, etc.

But I’ve occasionally run into problems downloading those codes from the iTunes Connect website using Firefox (my regular browser). Fortunately, I was able to download them just fine from Safari. So if you’re a iPhone app developer and you have problems downloading promotional codes, try using Safari.

Update: I think the problem wasn’t the browser, it was the fact that I hit “enter” after typing the number of codes that I wanted and it seems that that caused it to go to the next page without registering the number. Hitting “tab” and then “enter” fixed the problem.

3 Responses to “iPhone App Promotional Codes and Safari”

  1. MD Says:

    Hey. You promised if I bought Mach Dice, you’d post a video of you doing the MC Hammer dance.

    Now I may have dreamed and/or made up this whole exchange, but I feel that you owe me, nay, owe THE WORLD a Hammer Dance.

  2. Mach Says:

    That’s odd, Matt, I don’t seem to remember that. Besides, I’m pretty sure no one wants to see me do the Hammer Dance. Then again, my memory is pretty bad. I’ll tell you what, you put up a video of Nami doing the moonwalk and I’ll see what I can do Hammer Dance-wise.

  3. Hunnenkoenig Says:

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