Hologram Videos

Over the last few days, a few people have made videos using my Holograms iPhone app. The first one is from iPod Touch Lab in Japan:

The second one is from iAplicacion and they take a slightly different approach to demoing Holograms:

5 Responses to “Hologram Videos”

  1. Takenso Says:

    Congratulations Mach,
    Top Japan : http://bit.ly/3BbuSb
    Top Italy : http://bit.ly/Fm8fv

  2. Mach Says:

    Yeah, I saw that this morning too! Of course, it’s only in the top for the “Entertainment” category, but still, pretty cool!

  3. Deluxe Says:

    Congratulations Mach!

    The use in the second video is surprising, but effective 😉 …
    Hologram new motto : “No need to buy 3D babes, make them yourself.”

  4. Shane O C Says:

    Hey man

    This application rocks,but unfortunitly it doesnt suit my n97,there is loads of people over at symbian forums loving the video of this app.Do you think you could develop it for symbian?

  5. Mach Says:

    Thanks for your interest but I don’t plan on developing for any other platforms at the moment. I’ve got my hands full just doing iPhone stuff!