Boom Dice AI Faces

I had one of my friends playtest the game with the new AI for Boom Dice. He liked the AI, but he got a little confused when it came time to picking the AI opponent. Originally, I was just going to have the player tap the corresponding dice type (ie., they’d tap the silver die if they wanted to play the silver opponent).

But it gets a little confusing between the part where you select an opponent and the part where you select your own dice set. So I decided to put some little character faces on the dice when you’re selecting an opponent to differentiate it. And then I thought, “Hey, there are six sides to each die — how about putting a different expression on each one?” Of course, that’s six times the work but hey, you guys are worth it.

I haven’t gotten very far with them, but this screenshot gives a rough idea of the direction I’m going in. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.

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