Ad Hoc Provisioning Limit of 100 UDIDs

I’ve been using the ad-hoc provisioning to beta test my apps but I’ve recently learned something disturbing. There is a limit of 100 UDIDs that you can register. So I figured, that means I can have up to 100 beta testers per app, right? Well, it seems that once you’ve registered a UDID, you use up that slot. In other words, you had better be really certain who you want to beta test your apps because once you’ve selected 100, you can’t add any more.

If anyone knows any more about this issue, please chime in because I couldn’t really find any links about it.

2 Responses to “Ad Hoc Provisioning Limit of 100 UDIDs”

  1. Scott Shillcock Says:

    I read about this issue in another blog. It seems that the 100 devices registered limit gets reset once a year when you renew your membership.

    Check out the post:

  2. Mach Says:

    Ooh, that’s very useful information. Thanks!